Start date: 02/02/2022

Duration: 13 x 2 hour sessions every Wednesday, starting 2 February, 2pm - 4pm.

Location: Virtually

Certificate: CIOB Certificate in Fire Safety for Construction, House and Facilities

Cost: Skillnet Members: €495. Non Members €595

Programme overview

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The CIOB Level 6 Certificate in Fire Safety for Construction is designed for a range of construction related occupations including duty holder roles such as Building Safety Manager and project managers working on higher risk buildings (HRBs).

This qualification is designed to develop the learner’s knowledge and skills to understand and manage the fire safety of buildings effectively and efficiently.

On completion of this fire safety course the manager will have an improved appreciation of fire safety and how it works in the built environment. It will enable that person to understand current legislation, how it is applied, aspects of building design, the fire risk assessment process, fire science, human behaviour and how to manage fire safety.

This fire safety course is divided into two main units:
• Unit 1 – Fire Safety Legislation for Construction
• Unit 2 – Fire Safety Management for Construction
Within each unit is a number of sub-headings, 5 for Unit 1 and 20 for Unit 2, (See breakdown below).

Each session has a case study attached. The case study is a chance for delegates to put the learning content from the session into practice. The tutor creates a scenario that can be based on a real project or experience or be completely hypothetical. The case studies can then be discussed in an on-line forum with the tutor and go towards the delegates final mark.
The response to the case study should show that the delegates have taken on board the learning input from the slides and can use the knowledge and skills covered in the session in a real-world professional situation. At the end of all the sessions the delegates will be tasked with an assessment that will be marked according to the standards set by the CIOB and Ofqual.

While certification is from the UK the trainer will identify differences between Irish and UK legislation. It should be noted that UK legislation is currently of a higher standard than that in Ireland and this is likely to be where legislation in Ireland will move.

Unit 1
Legislation, Regulation and Enforcement.
• Session 1 – The background to the legislation, how it works, where it applies and how the fire service operates.
• Session 2 – Articles 1 to 22 of the Fire Safety Order
• Session 3 – Articles 23 to 31 of the Fire Safety Order
• Session 4 – Articles 32 to 48 of the Fire Safety Order
• Session 5 – What’s on the Horizon, a reflective look at what fire safety holds for the future.
Unit 2 
Building Construction & Building Design
• Session 1 – An appreciation of the main building types and designs and how they perform in fire
• Session 2 – An appreciation of design criteria and escape routes design
• Session 3 – How certain building materials perform in fire
• Session 4 – Code compliant buildings versus an engineered solution and what is a fire engineer and what they do.
• Session 5 – Active and passive fire protection systems
Fire Risk Assessments
• Session 1 – Fire Risk Assessment philosophy and principles
• Session 2 – Fire Risk Assessment process and documentation used
• Session 3 – Evacuation strategies for certain purpose groups
• Session 4 – An analysis of a complex Fire Risk Assessment
• Session 5 – Conducting a Fire Risk Assessment on a virtual building
Fire Risk Management
• Session 1 – Understanding the need for a Fire Risk Management System
• Session 2 – To understand the seven main principles of a Fire Risk Management System
• Session 3 – Understanding the need for a robust maintenance and testing programme and the requirement to control contractors
• Session 4 – How to design and construct a Fire Strategy for a high-risk building
• Session 5 – Understanding the need for a major incident management plan
Fire Science and Human Behaviour in Fire
• Session 1 – Fire growth and fire spread within a building
• Session 2 – How certain materials spread fire within a building and the impact of materials on passive and active systems
• Session 3 – The impact of a material change to a building and how it can affect fire spread
• Session 4 – What affects the decision-making process in a fire situation

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