Digital Construction
for Small and Medium Sized
Construction Companies

If you are a construction SME (from the one man band up to 250 employees) the Construction Professionals Skillnet has new funding which will save you time and money. We are looking to help SMEs make use of technology to make doing business easier. This is from the most basic introductory level of how to make better use of your phones, tablets, apps, etc. and teaching your staff to use them, right up to creating and implementing a digital strategy.

We work with individual companies (no matter how small) to help solve your specific problem and help you save both time and money.

What, where and when depends on you and your company.

Cost – we can give you at least 30% off the cost of introducing the chosen solution to your company.

If there is something you would like help with, talk to Liz on 087 9323749 or email her at

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