SME Programmes

As a small or medium sized construction company you have limited resources and often find yourself fire-fighting and moving from solving one problem to another. At Construction Professionals Skillnet we understand this and that you need support in variety of ways. We have a number of programmes designed specifically for you. All are flexible and work with you on solving the problems you are facing.

Transform Your Business

Would you like to Transform Your Business in 3 months?

This programme will give you the tools to dramatically improve how you run your business now and plan for the future.

Micro Credentials

Clients are beginning to look for MMC knowledge and experience as part of awarding criteria.

Understand the opportunities MMC brings and learn how to overcome the challenges in its implementation.

Are you  a construction SME (from the one man band up to 250 employees)?

The Construction Professionals Skillnet has new funding which will save you time and money.

Griffith college Strategic Supply Chain Management

Strategic Supply Management

Understand the changing construction and supply chain ecosystems of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and their impact on strategic supply management.

Safety Month is for all construction companies.

Learn how to engage your staff, create photo opportunities and use CIF to promote what you are doing.

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