Creating a better business isn’t only for the Top 50 companies. It is for all companies who want to remain in business and be profitable.

So whether you are micro, small, medium or large, it is important to keep up-to-date, continuously improve what you do and how you do it.

If you are a construction SME (from the one person company up to 250 employees) the Construction Professionals Skillnet has new funding which may help you on this journey.

We are looking to help SME’s make use of technology to make doing business easier.

This is from the most basic introductory level of how to make better use of your phones, tablets, apps, etc and teaching your staff to use them, right up to creating and implementing a digital strategy.

We work with individual companies (no matter how small) to help solve your specific problem and help you save both time and money.

An example of this could be streamlining standard paper-based tasks for snagging or internal deliveries by introducing simple smarter ways digitally with Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive and Power Apps utilising handheld technology.

This will give you more efficient and accurate communication within your business – saving time and hassle.

You can also internally share and access folders and files with your staff or external sub-contractors.

And it doesn’t cost a fortune!

Another example that was implemented for one construction company was a digital short-cut allowing delivery drivers to easily scan invoices from a mobile device that automatically went to the accounts department ready for input.

If you have something you think we can help you with, please contact

Where to start your digital journeyTop 50

One of the problems in going digital is where do you start?

There is so much information out there and there are so many solutions available, trying to identify what it is you are looking for can seem an impossible task.

There may already be a solution available but how can you find it?

We are also looking to create a database of digital solutions that are available for construction sector SMEs.

So if you have or know of an app, a tool or a platform that could be of benefit please contact

In addition to this programme, the Construction Professionals Skillnet will be running Transform Your Business again this autumn.

According to Michael Spillane of Spillane Brothers: “The Transform Your Business course is a beautifully delivered, and in the end gratefully received, kick in the pants for business owners and managers.

“It opened my eyes to things that I was aware of but wasn’t proactively acting on. “Unless you already have a world class, efficient, profitable business, you cannot afford to not take this course.”


For further information contact Liz Carroll at 087 9323749, email cpskillnet or visit our training page

(Taken from the Construction Industry Federation Magazine June 2022 Edition)  – Check out the full edition online HERE

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